​Excited to return as
RIVA boss lady of the Russian Mob, In Season 2 CLAWS on TNT​​, June 10th,  2018
You need to catch up on Season 1? CLICK HERE

Thrilled and proud to be in the cast of  
Coming to you In May 17,  2019.

Greatful for this ARTICLE that explores both of my passions; acting & therapy.

I'm honored to have joined
Columbia University , School of Social Work, NYC  as a
Lecturer / Field Instructor

Upcoming presentations: 

Universität Trier, Germany, June 22,  2018
The Science of Possibilities
Interventions of Positive Psychology for
Education, Psychotherapy and Individual Growth

9th European Conference on Positive Psychology
Budapest, Hungary, June 27-30,  2018

photography by Hilary Jones