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In my late teens I began to work as a fashion model with a Viennese agency.  I walked on domestic and European runways for a good while.  Later I moved towards commercial print, catalogue print, showroom presentations and fittings.

Since I've arrived to the US, I have been lucky enough to have appeared on the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, W, Bazaar, Oprah’s O Magazine, The New Yorker, Self Magazine, Travel & Leisure, The New York Times Magazine and More Magazine, to name a few. I'm proud & honored to have worked with several genius photographers like Larry Fink, Philippe Salomon and Dimitri Daniloff.

After learning that I'm blessed with being a "perfect confection size," I became a seasoned fit model. I've built up solid credits and have many years of experience working with fashion houses like Banana Republic, The Gap, H.Hilfiger, Victoria Secret, Zanella, Max Mara, Perry Ellis, Ann Taylor and Levi Stauss & Co.

Till this day I'm grateful and honored to be the facilitator and channel conveying new possibilities and solutions of services and products between clients and consumers in the world of advertising.

I'm a fortunate lady!  I love what I'm doing!